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VisionPacking is located in Wenzhou centre, and is professional manufacturer producing various eyewear cases, pouch, 

eyewear cords, eywear chains, packaging cases and related accessories. With more than 12 years hardworking , we have 

around 500 skilled workers .

VisionPacking has own R&D Center ,Production Center ,Management Center and Marketing Center,and has set 

up a complete strict quality control system. With good reputation, excellent products quality and competitive prices, we are 

cooperating with more and more brands and customers all over the world, also supply products to Wal-mart and many other 

large supermarkets on long-term basis.

With the good product quality control system and social responsibility ,these years we have passed Sedex,Walmart,Avon,ITS audit etc.. ...


Our factory is producing different grade quality and products, and we have complete products kinds, such as: 

eyewear metal case, EVA case, semi-hard case, handmade case, plastic pouch, PVC pouch, eyewear snap pouch, 

slip-in pouch, puller pouch, cleaning cloth and various eyewear accessories like eyewear cords, eyewear holder, 

magnifier, hanger, cleaning tools, maintenance kits etc.  


Products Testing Lab

To cater to most of the customer's requirements and the demand of the market , we set up a professional product
testing laboratory and own a series of testing machines .

US Gun-style Elements Analysis Machine :
It can analysis 8 kinds of heavy metal for any material: Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb),Chromium (Cr), Antimony (Sb), 

Thallium (Ti), Manganese (Mn), and Arsenic (As)

Color assessment cabinets :
It can compare and identify the slight color difference that couldn't find by eye in ordinary light .

Oven Testing Machine:
It can test the level of resistance to high temperature of cases.

Rubbing Testing Machine:
It can test the rub fastness & colour fastness of cloths

Except for the testing machineswe own, we also cooperate with professional testing organization-ITS etc.
We can customize the material for customers, which can pass tests such as Prop 65, REACH, EN-71-1,-2,-3 ,and
Phthalates test etc.